Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kim Kardashian Single Cover Make Up!

*DISCLAIMER* I, in no humanly possible way, even BEGIN to think that I resemble Kim Kardashian in any possible way other than the make-up that I attempted to re-create. This was purely for comparison reasons to see if the make-up looks matched. Don't hate, appreciate :) All products were purchased with my own dough.

The picture doesn't do the makeup justice; if you follow these eye steps, you WILL see exact results :)
You don't need to use these exact products to achieve the look. I didn't use anything her make up artist used to get her like that (to my knowledge). Make do with what you have. It's about having fun, not emulating someone.

Cetaphil Moisturizer
Mac Studio Fix Powder in shade C3
Too Faced 'Chocolate Soliel' Bronzer--contour (cheekbones and nose)
MAC 'Slave to Love' blush--(on cheekbones above contour)
UD 'Half Baked' e/s--highlight bridge of nose

UD 'Naked' e/s--all over lid & concentrated in crease
MAC 'Brule' e/s--highlight
UD 'Buck' e/s--all over lid and blended in crease
MAC 'Black Black' Chromaline on upper lash line
MAC 'Carbon' e/s smudged over chromaline
UD 'Buck' e/s on lower lash line (I used a 224 brush to apply all lower lashline colors; you want the color to go far from the actual lashline--make the line thick by using a fluffy brush)
UD 'Naked' e/s on lower lash line
MAC 'Feline' eye kohl on waterline
UD 'Darkhorse' e/s--close to lash line to smudge out eyeliner
MAC 'Plush Black' plushlash-on upper and lower lashes

Wet n Wild 903B
MAC Myth over top applied with finger to mute out pink (keep the lips matte!)

I pretty much used the 224 to apply all the eye colors except the lid color (I used a 239 to pack it on). Remember: Kim loooovveesss her some contoured cheeks. Pack that shit on the hollows of your cheeks like no other! I used an angled brush on my cheekbones and made sure to blend throughout the application. Keep the look BROWN, NOT BLACK. It's easy for the colors to get muddy and blend together to make a black smokey eye. Just focus on blending :)